Important Messages

Prof. Dr. Amer Aziz


“Come & test our claims and if we prove equal to the task support us.”

As the Chairman of Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital, it is of great importance and highly gratifying for me to share that GTTH has completed its 20 years (2 Decades) of useful and serviceable existence. Now our hospital is widely known for its exemplary services, particularly in the field of orthopaedics. We are striving to unburden the poor and nonaffording ailing community regarding their health problems.
Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital is a serviceable platform where medical treatment is free of cost for the poor and deserving patients. It is our foremost aim to constantly improve the quality of medical services.During the years we have tried our best to set up such standards that bring about confidence among the patients visiting the hospital.
Philanthropists (Donors) of Ghurki Trust have been very committed &dedicated for contribution & meeting the exceeding needs of hospital throughout the years.
Therefore, we are immensely grateful for all the help and trust that our donors have bestowed on us as it seemed impossible without their help and support.
The Board of Trustees express their gratitude to Ch. Khalid Javed Ghurki (Late), Haji Muhammad Iqbal Ghurki (Late), Ch. Mushtaq Ghurki (Late) and Hafiz Saif-u-Din (Late) for their untiring efforts and contributions in initiating and bringing up this project.
However, by the grace of the ALLAH ALMIGHTY completion of Spine Centre in the hospital is a proof enough for our commitment towards the advancement and further improvement of the institution. I hope and pray the institution keeps on progressing and also fulfils its purpose for all the years to come. (Ameen)

Abdul Sattar Edhi (Late)

(Founder President Edhi Foundation)

Legendary Philanthropist, ascetic former founder of Edhi Foundation Late Abdul Sattar Edhi laid down the foundation stone of Ghurki Trust Teaching hospital in 1994. He Stated “In the disturbed era of today, serving the humanity is the way to lessen the misery of the destitute and needy. By this service we can also win the Blessings of Allah Almighty because Islam lays a lot of stress upon the service and rights of brotherhood.”

M. Arshad Ghurki

Vice Chairman

It is not possible to meet our plans of expansion without your moral and monetary help and assistance.

It’s a pleasure to introduce Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital as a tertiary care hospital providing best medical facilities to the ailing humanity at an affordable cost and in deserving cases even free of cost. During 2017 GTTH has provided free treatment worth Rs. 113.42 million to poor patients.
We are grateful to our creator ALLAH for fulfilling the dream. We are also thankful to the numerous philanthropists without their help it could not have been possible for us to provide free treatment to over thousands of patients since the inception of this hospital.
The hospital plans further expansion and enhancement of its facilities for its patients.
– CyberKnife
– Nursing School
– Patient’s Attendant Areas
It is not possible to meet our plans of expansion without your moral and monetary help and assistance. I am confident that you shall come forward with your whole hearted support and financial help for fulfilling our plans and helping those who deserve your aid.

CH. M. Tufail

(Justice of the Peace) (Member Board of Trustees, UK)

“Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital has passed through 12 years and grown into one of the best tertiary care “State-of-the-Art” multi facility hospital of Lahore.”

It is my privilege to express my views about Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital based at Lahore, Pakistan. GTTH started as the dream of Haji Muhammad Asghar Ghurki, it has passed through 12 years and grown into one of the best tertiary care “State-of-the-Art” multi facility hospital of Lahore.

All members of the overseas Board of Trustees (Mr. Abdul Ghaffar Akhtar, Mr. Muhammad Aslam Khan, and Mr. Farrukh Tufail) and myself, congratulate the management and administration of the hospital for maintaining excellent standards of Health Care.

I also thank all the donors and philanthropists who have made valuable contribution to help the project grow and flourish.

Dr. Khurram Ijaz

Medical Director

“We don’t ask for donation we just want 30 minutes from your time with us.”

Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital started its journey of success as a small dispensary in 1997. From that day till date it is not only a success story but an unprecedented blessing of Allah (SWT). Initially the hospital was made to cater 110 villages and around 1.2 million population. Today this hospital is also the biggest and only hospital in Pakistan accredited by ISO 9001-2015 quality management standard from UKAS (UK.). We achieved recognition by Pakistan society of Philanthropists by passing PHC accreditations with above 90% numbers and hence became the biggest hospital PHC accredited. Our efforts have also been recognized internationally and AO SPINE SWITZERLAND affiliated our orthopedic and spine surgery unit. Our doctors achieved the top positions under the leadership of Respected Prof. Dr. Amer Aziz, currently an ambassador and best teacher not only in this organization but a pride of the entire community of spine surgeons.
With an unbelievable track record of handling national disasters such as two Manawan training centre terrorist attacks and one Wagha bomb blast, truly speaks about the depth and professionalism of the Ghurki team.
I and my team is committed to continue to keep on providing full support to the departments in treatment of patient and continue to improve every standard and facility according to latest global principles. We don’t ask for donation we just want 30 minutes from your time with us. We are sure when you will see the hospital you will be with us from core of your heart. God Bless you All.