4 Advanced Treatments You Will Find Only At Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital

Pakistan’s healthcare system is undergoing a significant transformation, propelled by the adoption of digital advancements. With a large and diverse population, the need for efficient and accessible medical care is ever-growing. Modern technologies offer promising solutions, enabling improved diagnoses, more effective treatments, and wider access to quality care. Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital is one of […]


10 Common Mental Health Challenges In Pakistan And The Role Of Ghurki Trust & Teaching Hospital

In Pakistan, a nation with over 241.5 million people, mental health issues are frequently shrouded in shame and silence. Despite affecting a significant portion of the population, these issues often remain unaddressed and unresolved. This blog post aims to shed light on the critical need for improved mental healthcare by exploring the various aspects of […]


The Importance Of Preventive Care- Tips From Ghurki Trust & Teaching Hospital Health Experts

When it comes to health maintenance in Pakistan, especially in places like Lahore, preventive care means being proactive. It includes getting regular checkups and screenings and living a healthy life so that you can find and treat health problems early on. Understanding preventive care is important for everyone because it helps with early diagnosis, which […]


What Does The Hadith Say About Donating In Ramadan?

Ramadan is a special time for Muslims, filled with prayers and good deeds. It’s like a spiritual recharge. In this month, we look to the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, known as the Hadith, to guide us. These teachings help us understand how to be better people during Ramadan. One important aspect is giving to […]