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Discover Hope at Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital, Pakistan’s second CyberKnife unit, a cutting-edge technology with a remarkable 99.9% treatment efficiency for cancer and tumors. Our CyberKnife unit stands as a beacon of hope. Through the generosity of donors, we have been able to treat numerous patients, transforming lives and offering a renewed chance at health. Your support can make a significant impact in extending this lifeline to more cancer and tumor patients. Your donation can be the key to saving lives and making a difference in the fight against cancer.

What is CyberKnife treatment, and how does it differ from traditional cancer treatments?

CyberKnife is a state-of-the-art, non-invasive treatment for cancer and tumors that utilizes advanced robotic technology. Unlike traditional methods, it delivers highly precise radiation therapy, minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissue.

Why is Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital's CyberKnife unit significant in Pakistan?
How does CyberKnife work in targeting cancer and tumors with such high precision?
Is CyberKnife treatment at Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital affordable, especially for those who rely on donations?
How can I contribute to Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital's mission of treating cancer patients through donations?