Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and GI Endoscopy

Our department is providing state of art treatment in the subject of gastroenterology and Hepatology. Daily OPD and indoor is working through out week.

Our endoscopy section is fully equipped with Videoscopes for Upper GI, Lower GI and ERCP. Along with this we are providing facilities for Stricture Dilation, Polypectomy. Liver Biopsy and Foreign body removal.

Hepatitis Clinic

We at Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital took up the task of HCV patients education and treatment. Our program was sponsored by Pakistan Bait-Ul-Mal which is a Government Organization for the welfare of poor and needy patients. We made our plan of patient education and treatment according to the latest guidelines set by Pakistan Society of Gastroenterology.

Main aims of our program


Free treatment to all the patients i.e Pegylated Interferon, Interferon & Ribavirin.


Counseling of HCV patients to avoid transmission.


Awareness about Occupational Health risk


Healthy behavior adaptation for prevention and control of hepatitis.


Implementation of protocols for disinfection and sterilization of surgical instruments


Implementation of protocols of cleaning equipment and instruments to be adopted by operators like barbers, beauticians, acupuncturists, tattooists and ear/nose pierce workers.


Proper and free of cost investigations of HCV patients Guidance, advice and monitoring of Disease during Interferon therapy


Management of any complication arising from the disease or treatment.


Create an environment of patient safety and improved health care quality for patients suffering from HCV which was lacking in the past

Inauguration of Program

In all the rural areas adjacent to Lahore city, it was announced that any one suffering from HCV can receive state of art care at Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital. Patients started gathering in huge numbers which were then scrutinized and their investigations had been done.

Patients and their relatives were educated regarding modes of spread and care to be done during and after treatment.

They were then treated after getting admitted at Ghurki Hospital, with fully equipped department and professionally trained nursing staff. During patient stay in hospital they were taken care with proper guidance and were also give precautions. This sort of guidance was not available anywhere prior to our project even in urban areas.

The patients who come to Hepatitis C Clinic are examined on every Monday performing General Physical Examination, reviewing all the investigations, sending the missing investigations and booking the eligible patients for treatment.

After Dots Therapy of Tuberculosis on every Tuesday  the patient get injected under senior supervision and is admitted for further care and advise for 3 days Every Tuesday as it is done in DOTS therapy of Tuberculosis we inject every patient under supervision and get him admitted for three days for further care and advice. The patients collect 2 weeks medicines on every Wednesday. Almost 100 patients are catered every day. Our team performed General Physical Examination, got relevant investigations done and gave advice to every patient for any query.

Emergency case patients are checked on every Thursday having relevant medical problems under aforesaid disease.

Road shows with theme of giving awareness lectures on HCV are also performed by this department. The lectures contains all the required precautions and guide lines that should be in knowledge of both suffering and non suffering patients. Our patients are also educated enough during treatment period for eradicating the myths about the disease from the society.

Currently 1000 patients are taking treatment from our Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital centre free of cost. IT department is busy in maintaining the record of each and every patient with a plan to come up with almost ten research studies of international quality from our centre as our country does lacks such sort of research activities and once we make it happen it will bring laurels to our project.


Prof. Dr. Shamail Zafar

Prof. Dr. Shamail Zafar

Head of Department