Ghurki Hospital’s Annual Fundraising Dinner- Healing Hearts & Raising Funds

Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital, the s incredible organization held its annual fundraising dinner recently, and it was a night to remember. Not only did it raise vital funds for their amazing work, but it also represented their intense commitment to providing top-notch medical care to everyone who walks through their doors. Here is all about the highlights of this event and the impact it has on our community’s well-being.

Discussion About Hospital Achievements Like Cyberknife And Advanced Care

The hospital boasts a range of achievements that underscore its commitment to providing advanced and accessible healthcare. Among its notable offerings is the 24/7 Spine Center, ensuring round-the-clock care for patients with spinal conditions. Additionally, the hospital proudly offers CyberKnife cancer treatment, a cutting-edge technology that enhances precision and effectiveness in cancer therapy. 

Beyond advanced care, Ghurki Hospital remains dedicated to serving the community by providing free and subsidized treatment to deserving patients. To date, the hospital has provided assistance to over 400 cancer patients alone, including those from overseas. Moreover, the hospital extends its support through additional facilities such as a free dialysis center, catering to the needs of patients with renal ailments. Additionally, the patient hostel, with its capacity to accommodate over 300 individuals, ensures comfort and convenience for patients and their families during their stay for treatment.

Speeches And Commitments At Annual Dinner

The hospital’s annual dinner wasn’t just about celebrating. Key figures at the hospital used the opportunity to share the hospital’s mission and future goals with the attendees.

Professor Dr. Amir Aziz, Chairman of the Hospital, spoke about their dedication to serving patients who cannot afford expensive treatments. He highlighted the 24/7 Spine Center and the success of their cancer treatment program using CyberKnife technology. He mentioned that over 400 patients have benefitted from this program, many at no cost.

Muhammad Naeem, Chief Operating Officer, shared the hospital’s growth and plans for the future. He mentioned exciting projects like a new Ghurki Medical and Dental College, a dedicated Cardiac Center, and additional initiatives focused on patient care.

Mohsin Bilal Ghurki, the leader of the hospital, emphasized the importance of serving the underprivileged community. He reaffirmed the hospital’s commitment to its mission, particularly focusing on providing quality healthcare to those in need. Moreover, he expressed their resolve to continue serving the poor for years to come.

Final Thoughts 

So, Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital is dedicated to both advanced care and community service. From cutting-edge treatments like CyberKnife for cancer to offering free or discounted services for those in need, the hospital’s achievements are truly remarkable. Moreover,  their plans for a medical school and heart center show an exciting future. Consider donating to support their mission of bringing quality healthcare to everyone!

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