Musafir Khana

When it comes to taking care of families in hospitals, Ghurki Hospital is doing something special in Pakistan. They’re the only hospital in the country offering something called Musafir Khana, a place for family members to stay close to their loved ones during treatment. 

Many of us sometimes find ourselves in a bind, our loved one in the hospital and we scramble for a place to be by their side. Because, in these crucial moments, a comforting space shouldn’t be a luxury but a given. That’s why we started this initiative—to make sure you have support when your loved ones need you the most. What makes this hospital stand out even more? Well, they spent a big amount—40 million Rupees—to build this special place.
And here’s the heartwarming part—Alhamdulillah! With the help of generous donors, Musafir Khana was created, serving over 50,000 individuals last year. It offers free lodging services, including free food and clean drinking water, all provided with utmost respect and care.

Musafir Khana At Ghurki Hospital – Where Hearts Find Shelter

At Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital, we understand the importance of a comfortable and supportive environment for attendants. That’s why we have decided to establish a “Musafir Khana” – a home away from home for attendants. It is designed to accommodate up to 300 individuals, providing a secure and welcoming environment for the patient’s loved ones to rest.


Essential Facilities

Warm Beds: Comfortable bedding to ensure a good night’s rest for attendants.

Blankets: Cozy additions to make the stay as homely as possible.

Kitchen: Equipped to cater to the culinary needs of attendants, offering a familiar touch in times of stress.

Washrooms: Maintaining hygiene standards with well-maintained and easily accessible washrooms.

Washing Area and Machines: Providing the convenience of on-site laundry facilities, easing the daily burdens of those staying with us.

Separate Portions for Ladies: Recognizing the need for privacy and comfort, we’ve designated separate areas for our female guests.

Security System: Implementing a robust security system to ensure the safety of all attendees around the clock.

Lift: Ensuring easy access to different levels of our facility.

Clean Water Treatment Plant: We prioritize the health and well-being of our visitors. That’s why with the philanthropic efforts of Bata we have a state-of-the-art clean water treatment plant here to ensure access to safe and clean water.



Extend Your Support- Donate To Enhance Compassionate Care

Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital’s Musafir Khana is more than a place to stay; it’s a heartfelt gesture for the attendants of the patient. Your donations—whether through Zakat, Fitrana, Sadaqah, or any other way—really matter. Consider supporting us with a donation, ensuring our commitment to compassionate care continues to grow. Together, let’s enhance the healing journey for all.