World Cancer Day 2024- The Theme “Close The Care Gape” And Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital

Cancer is a tough challenge, but we are here to face it head-on. Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital is leading the way in providing hope and healing to cancer patients in Pakistan. In 2024, the theme is “Close the Care Gap,” and it’s a call for all of us to come together. We use advanced treatments like Cyberknife, and we need your help. Join us in our mission to bring hope and healing to those dealing with cancer. Together, we can be a strong force against cancer, not just today, but every day.

World Cancer Day 2024 – The Theme “Close The Care Gap”

“Close the Care Gap,” the theme of World Cancer Day from 2022–2024, highlights a vital global purpose. It’s a call to action to solve a persistent global inequities in cancer care. Raising awareness of cancer involves more than just comprehending the illness; it also entails acknowledging the disparities in access to care that many people experience. 

Resources available to healthcare providers, socioeconomic position, and geographic location can all have an impact on disparities in cancer care. Recognising these differences is the first step towards a more just society. By raising awareness, advocating for others, and working together, we can close the gap in care and guarantee that everyone, no matter what their circumstances, has access to high-quality cancer treatment. 

The Cancer Challenge In Pakistan

The fight against cancer is one of the most important issues in Pakistan. About 180,000 people are given the frightening cancer diagnosis each year. Of these occurrences, the two most common types of cancer are oral cavity cancer (12.9% of men) and breast cancer (28.7% of women). 

In Pakistan, cancer has a significant impact on both individuals and families. Of all cancer types, oral cavity and breast cancer have the highest death rates—11.7% and 9.1%, respectively. It’s important to worry, nevertheless, that cancer does not always result in death. Prompt identification via routine examinations and screenings can result in favourable treatment consequences.

The Mission Of Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital On Te World Cancer Day

An estimated 300,000 new instances of cancer are detected in Pakistan each year, yet not all of them can receive the appropriate care. Here’s where we get involved. At our hospital, we provide the cutting-edge Cyberknife treatment to patients who deserve it and who are in need of it at no cost.

We need your assistance to expand the number of people who can access this treatment as World Cancer Day draws near. To help us place this life-saving equipment, you may make a donation. The lives of cancer patients may be significantly improved by your donation. Together, let’s help those who are most in need of hope and healing.By contributing, you become a part of our mission to “Close the Care Gap” and provide top-notch care to cancer patients in Pakistan. 

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