Pakistan’s 2nd & Punjab’s 1st Robotic Radio Surgery system.



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Chairman’s Message
“Service to Mankind is the Essence of Islam”. As the Chairman of Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital, I take immense pride and joy in announcing the completion of two decades of dedicated service to our community. Over the years, GTTH has earned a reputation for its outstanding healthcare services, particularly in the field of orthopedics. Our primary mission is to alleviate the healthcare burdens of the less fortunate members of our society…Read More.

Welcome to

Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital

“To Provide State of the Art healthcare irrespective of economics, caste, color & creed. To ensure Medical Education & Training par excellence for all the students through ethically integrated clinical practice and research.”

“Contemporary Quality health for all and outstanding Medical Education & Training to our Students”

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Health And Healing, Priceless And Free

Your Support, Their Second Chance

Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital-Where Giving Builds Better Health

Ghurki, the best trust hospital in Pakistan is a place where every bed is a nest of hope, every corridor echoes with compassion. In a nutshell, it’s a healing center where health is a promise made to all regardless of who they are. Being the best trust hospital in Lahore, we stand as a beacon of light where the touch of care mends not only bodies but also souls burdened by pain.

Every corner of our trust hospital holds the spirit of giving, for we were built with a heart that seeks to heal, a heart named after Haji Muhammad Asghar Ghurki Trust. With every brick and beam, we are registered under the Societies Act, XXI of 1860, with the conviction to care and make a difference. Our mission goes beyond medical care – it’s about transforming lives. We’ve earned recognition from the Pakistan Medical Commission and joined hands with the University of Health Sciences (UHS) and the College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan (CPSP), and our ISO 9001-2015 certification is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality.


As the best hospital in Pakistan, we stand as a bridge over the BRB Canal, reaching out to 112 villages, a million lives, with open arms and open hearts. It’s not just about the beds; it’s about the lives we touch and the difference we make. Every department is a chorus of expertise, where doctors, nurses, and skilled caregivers work together to mend both body and soul. But we’re not just about medical skills; we’re about understanding, about being there for you in your time of need.


From those sleepless nights of worry to the times when the pain seemed unbearable, we understand that your health journey is more than just medical care – it’s about reclaiming your life. That’s why, at Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital, we stand ready to be your partner in health, to hold your hand through every challenge, and to heal not just your body, but the scars of uncertainty as well. From General Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Family Medicine to General Surgery and Accident/Emergency care, Ghurki is recognized as the best private hospital in Lahore and delivers all the services you need across all major specializations. The various departments at Ghurki Hospital are managed by a qualified and talented group of multi-specialty healthcare providers and teams of experienced doctors and nurses. Each member of the healthcare team strives his/her best to meet the patient’s individual medical needs while taking care of their emotional needs as well.

Our Areas of Expertise


From General Medicine, Internal Medicine and Family Medicine to General Surgery and Accident/Emergency care, Ghurki Hospital delivers all the services you need across all major specializations.
The various departments at Ghurki Hospital are managed by qualified and talented group of multi specialty healthcare providers and teams of experienced doctors and nurses. Each member of the healthcare team strives his/her best to meet the patients’ individual medical needs, while taking care of their emotional needs as well.

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Make a Donation to Make a Difference


Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital is a serviceable platform where medical treatment is free of cost for the poor and deserving patients. It is our foremost aim to constantly improve the quality of medical services. During the years we have tried our best to set up such standards that bring about confidence among the patients visiting the hospital. Philanthropists (Donors) of Ghurki Trust have been very committed & Dedicated for contribution & meeting the exceeding needs of hospital throughout the years.

Patient Affairs & Complaint Cell

The Patient Welfare Society (PWS) is available 24/7 for all out-patient as well as in-patient activities, coordinating with all related things right from enquires, counseling, admission and in-patient care till the discharge of the patient. We accept suggestions / feedback and complaint regarding treatment, services or patient safety that might arise during the stay.


Ghurki Hospital provides clinical training for the medical students. The hospital has excellent clinical facilities of international standards, supporting the training and ensuring that the students are well-equipped to excel globally.

Pakistan’s 2nd Cyberknife Robotic Radio Surgery System in Ghurki Hospital

Come with us on a journey where technology becomes a miracle, where the CyberKnife Robotic Radio Surgery Unit gives new life to those who’ve faced the darkest moments. Welcome to a transformative chapter in healthcare.

Your Help, Their Hope- Changing Lives With Your Kindness

No matter how much money someone has, we at Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital believe that everyone should have access to good health. When you give, it’s not just money; it’s a way to help those who can’t afford medical care. You play a crucial role in our mission to ensure that they receive the assistance they require. our support doesn’t just go in a box; it goes straight to people who really need it. We’ve put a lot of effort into providing the best care we can over the years. We’ve set a high standard so you can trust us with your help. Giving is more than just a financial contribution—whether you are a Pakistani citizen or a Pakistani living abroad, it is a way to assist individuals who cannot afford medical treatment.

Together, We Shape Tomorrow

Every step you take towards us is a step towards shaping a healthier, more compassionate tomorrow. So, let’s do this together. Your kindness isn’t just a small thing; it’s like a spark that can make a big change. Join us and let’s show that when people help each other, amazing things can happen. Your gift is more than money; it’s a sign that kindness can change lives. Remember that every act of healing is a story rewritten at Ghurki Trust Hospital.



Uzma Jillani

“The care I received was far more than what I expected. Although my stay at Ghurki Hospital was short, it was a pleasant experience in terms of accommodation, care and treatment. I found the staff caring, highly skilled and professional.”

Rizwan Janjua

“I had a road accident and was brought to the emergency. The doctors on duty were so caring and helped put me back on my feet. I am very grateful to the entire staff.”

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