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Welcome to Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital

Millions of people in Pakistan suffer from health problems due to a lack of basic necessities. In this tough time, Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital, a humble beginning in 1997 as a small dispensary has grown into a beacon of hope over the past 26 years.  From that day till date, it is not only a success story but an unprecedented blessing of Allah (SWT). 

Chairman's Message

Prof. Dr. Amer Aziz

“Come & test our claims and if we prove equal to the task support us.”

As the Chairman of Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital, it is of great importance and highly gratifying for me to share that GTTH has completed its 20 years (2 Decades) of useful and serviceable existence. Now our hospital is widely known for its exemplary services, particularly in the field of orthopaedics. Read More…

Mission & Vision


“To Provide State of the Art healthcare irrespective of economics, caste, color & creed. To ensure Medical Education & Training par excellence for all the students through ethically integrated clinical practice and research.”


“Contemporary Quality health for all and outstanding Medical Education & Training to our Students”

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Our departments

Our departments

Our goal at Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital is to be more than just a free medical facility; we also want to be a source of hope for people in need. We are pleased to present CyberKnife, the second robotic radiosurgery unit in Pakistan, which will provide our patients with cutting-edge treatment.

We’ve become a leading Pakistan 1st Spine Center, offering specialized care that sets us apart. Additionally, our dedication extends to our renowned Dialysis Center, where we provide essential and advanced care to patients in need. Your donations have made the dream of Musafir Khana a reality, a comforting space for patient attendants during challenging times. It’s evidence of the caring atmosphere we work to establish.

Robotic Radio Surgery Unit
As the proud home of Pakistan's second robotic radio surgery unit, the CyberKnife, We Offer Read More

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Pakistan’s 1st Largest Spine Center
Recognized as a leading orthopedic center, our focus is on giving you comprehensive Read More

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Our Dialysis Center, with 14 beds, is committed to providing free dialysis services to those in need, focusing on essential renal care. Read More

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We understand the importance of support for patients' attendants. Our Musafir Khana provides a comforting space during challenging times, ensuring a caring environment for families.

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Donation In kind

In Pakistan, about 78% of folks can’t afford medical help. So, Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital steps up as their hope, throwing open its doors for free medical care for those who can’t afford it. Our big goal? Keep making medical services better and better. Over the years, we’ve done our best to set up standards that make patients feel good about coming to the hospital.  It’s all thanks to generous folks like you that we’ve been super dedicated to helping out and meeting the hospital’s needs. Your kindness has been a game-changer. Let’s keep the good vibes going—your support means the world to us! Together, we’re making sure everyone gets the care they deserve.



Our promise is a quality-driven service, and our aim is to ensure affordable access to healthcare services
Uzma Jilani

“The care I received was far more than what I expected. Although my stay at Ghurki Hospital was short, it was a pleasant experience in terms of accommodation, care and treatment. I found the staff caring, highly skilled & professional.”

Rizwan Janjua

“I had a road accident and was brought to the emergency. The doctors on duty were so caring and helped put me back on my feet. I am very grateful to the entire staff.”