Hospital Amenities


Jame Masjid at Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital, a sacred space isn’t just for daily prayers; it warmly welcomes everyone for Jumma congregations. The thoughtful design ensures a traffic-free and clear atmosphere during Jumma prayer times, allowing for a seamless and undisturbed experience. With its mix of traditional and modern design, this is a symbol of unity and cultural diversity. Jumma prayers start promptly at 1:15 pm, ensuring a timely and convenient prayer for everyone.

Musafir Khana

Ghurki Hospital’s Musafir Khana is a place where families are embraced with warmth during challenging times. With an investment of 40 million Rupees, this haven offers more than just lodging; it’s a heartwarming experience with free meals, clean water, and the warmth of a home away from home. Accommodating up to 300 individuals, Musafir Khana blends comfort, security, and convenience, ensuring every moment spent is a step towards healing. Join us in this journey of care – your support through donations can amplify our reach, touching more lives in their time of need. READ MORE

Water Filtration Plants

Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital recently celebrated a significant addition to its facilities – a new Water Purification Plant, officially inaugurated by the Ambassador of the Czech Republic, Mr. Smentanka. The project, supported by the Czech Republic and Bata Pakistan, ensures that both patients and their families have access to safe and purified water, a basic yet crucial necessity for health. This significant step, supported by international collaboration, reflects Ghurki Hospital’s dedication to superior healthcare and community well-being.

Executive Block

Executive Block at Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital is a place where healthcare meets comfort. This special wing is all about top-notch services, bringing you a premium experience during your medical journey. With the latest technology and a team of skilled experts, the Executive Block is here to make your healthcare visit smooth and exceptional. From cozy consultation spaces to advanced treatment zones, we’ve crafted this block to give you the best in healthcare with an added touch of comfort. Your well-being is our priority.


At Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital, we’ve got a great cafeteria that’s open 24/7. It’s designed for everyone—patients, their families, doctors, and students. We’ve made it super comfortable, with a separate area for doctors and students, ensuring a relaxed environment.

Our cafeteria serves healthy and clean food, focusing on your well-being. The place is big, well-lit, and has a lovely setup with beautiful marble floors. It’s air-conditioned for your comfort, and the tables and chairs are easy to use.

Nursing/Doctor's Hostel

Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital’s Nursing/Doctor’s Hostel – a home for budding healthcare professionals. More than just a residence, it’s a lively community where learning and friendships thrive. We’re thrilled by the recent achievements of our Nursing College students, securing top spots in the Nursing Midwifery Examination 2021 in Punjab. The hostel is equipped with modern amenities, enhancing our commitment to providing an exceptional learning environment. Ms. Ayazda, the Principal, highlights the pivotal roles of teachers and parents in our students’ success. As these future healthcare leaders shine, our Nursing/Doctor’s Hostel remains devoted to nurturing the next generation of skilled and caring medical professionals.