Celebrating World Kidney Day 2024- Free Screening & Treatment Options At Ghurki Hospital

World Kidney Day shines a light on an important health topic – keeping our kidneys healthy. Did you know that in Pakistan,  about 21 out of every 100 people in Pakistan face kidney problems, especially those older than 50 years? At Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital, we’re dedicated to helping tackle this issue head-on with knowledge, care, and support on this upcoming Kidney day. This blog will share important information about kidney health, World Kidney day, and how we all can help make a difference. 

The Kidney Crisis In Pakistan

In Pakistan, the challenge of kidney health is more pressing than many realize. With studies indicating that over 21% of the population is grappling with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), the issue demands immediate attention. 

This crisis hits harder among the older population, with individuals over 50 years old facing a significantly higher risk. Factors such as diabetic nephropathy, unknown causes, and renal stone disease emerge as leading contributors to this growing concern. The diverse causes and widespread prevalence highlight the urgent need for enhanced public awareness, better access to screening, and effective treatment options across the country.

World Kidney Day- About The Global Initiative 

World Kidney Day is a special day created by two big groups, the International Society of Nephrology and the International Federation of Kidney Foundations. It’s all about making more people aware of how important our kidneys are to staying healthy, and what we can do to keep them in good shape. 

This day also helps people learn about the problems kidneys can face and how to live well even with kidney disease. Every year, on the second Thursday in March, people around the world mark this day. In 2024, that’s going to be on March 14th. 

Kidney Care At Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital Lahore 

The Kidney Department at Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital is run by two experienced doctors, Professor Dr. Aamir Aziz and Dr. Nabiha Rizvi. They lead a team that works in a modern Dialysis Center with 14 beds. The Dialysis Center at the hospital is one of the best in Lahore. It welcomes everyone, including patients with hepatitis B and C. 

Services Offered By The Kidney Department

Here’s what the Kidney Department does to help people:

  • Free Dialysis: For those who can’t pay for their treatment, the department offers dialysis at no cost. This helps many people get the care they need without worrying about money.
  • Kidney Tests (Renal Biopsy): The doctors use special tools to take a tiny piece of kidney to look at it closely, helping them understand what’s wrong.
  • Placing Double-lumen Catheters: This is a procedure that makes dialysis easier and safer for patients, showing the team’s commitment to providing top-notch care.
  • Open All Day, Every Day (24/7 Nephrology OPD Services): Patients can visit the outpatient department any time, day or night, which means help is always available.

Bottom Line 

Recognizing the importance of kidney health is vital, not just in Pakistan but around the world. At Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital, our commitment runs deep, offering education, screenings, and various treatment options to safeguard this essential organ. Consider supporting the best Kidney treatment center in Pakistan with your donation to help us provide essential equipment, treatments, and resources for those battling kidney disease.

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